, Kai Mahler

Again on the Podium at the X-Games 2017

My 4th medal at the X-Games. Super stoked, but I was hoping for more. Especially after such good training results. But at the competition, I touched for a second the snow at the landings. So I didn’t get many points for my carved triple cork 1620. Finally, I hit two nice jumps. Maybe it was this heavy crash of Luca, which was in my mind. But the only Thing what Counts, Luca’s crash was not soworse like it looked at the first Moment. I wish him and all my injured team mates, be strong and look forward. Also on the Podest, Giulia Tanno of my Team.

WC Milano

, Kai Mahler

1. rank at the World Cup City Big Air in Milano


It was a long and stony way. I’ve never been away, but I missed good results, what means, no podest results. But yesterday was my day. With my 5th place in the quali, I slipped into the finals. I had good jumps, but not clean enough. So I had to grow. And I did. In the finals we had 3 jumps, the two best results were counted. But until the end, everything was open. The best jumper from the quali was the last one. But I could do it; and I feel so good and happy. I want to thank everybody , who believed in me the whole time. Thank you!

, Kai Mahler

Season is slowly coming to an end!

Today we are travelling to Andorra for the Total Fight competition! The last weeks have been busy travelling around for competitions (Laax European Open, Freeski playoffs by Nissan in France, Spring Battle, Austria). Soon I will travelling to K2 Shooting to Alyeska Resort, USA. I am really looking forward travelling there, it will be an awesome week!