At first, a big excuse that I didn’t write such a long time. But the last weeks have been quite hard. I try to remain true to myself and to the name of my sport, “Freestyle” free skiing. But this is quite difficult at this moment. Judges and spectators want to see spinning, spinning, spinning. And I want to be identified by my style.

Before I went to USA, we had a cool shooting. My first stop has been the X-Games in Aspen. My style had been paid attention, but I felt the first time that this is not enough. The result: 4th. After, I went to Mammoth, to the USSA Grand Prix. The slopestyle had to be cancelled to bad weather conditions.

Just arrived back home, two hours later, I had to drive to Val d’Isere, to Frostgun Invitational. Also here, triples and spinning. Like at the X-Games, there happened a lot of unnecessary collapsing. My result: 6th.

Back in the States again, in LA, at the Air & Style. Happy, I looked forward to this event. A massive kicker built in the Rose bowl stadium. Everything perfect, unless it was raining cats and dogs. I started smooth, with the target to reach the finals, with an 8th rank. I had some nice jumps in my backpack; I wanted to show them in the finals. It stopped to rain and they cancelled the finals. The 8th was counting. I was pissed off, but what shall I do as a non American person from a little Country.