iLast weekend was the in Zürich. I was looking forward to it, because I had a great week in Saas-Fee before. Since I have been 3 times 2nd, I wanted to win finally.
Saturday, the time has come. We were finally able to test the jump. The jump seemed me a bit smaller than last year, but anyway, it was a lot of fun to hit it. Saturday evening was the Style Session, where you could take it more easer and I didn’t do a lot of crazy tricks. Later in the evening was the Crossover Session, which I had to skip, because I was already very tired.

On Sunday afternoon was the qualification. I could qualify me on the 2nd place, along with Gus Kenwothy (USA), Alex BeaulieuMarchand - ABM (CAN) and Luca Schuler, my Swissteam mate. Then later on was the final, which I was looking forward to ride with Luca, ABM and Gus. The level was again very high as every year. At the end, I was able to fight me through to the 3rd place, with a butter Double Cork 1080, behind ABM and Luca

At first I was a bit sad that I could not win. But I had the whole weekend a lot of fun and that’s it, what counts for me. I’m super stoked for Luca that he has won.